DarlingWhip Strawberry Cream Charger 250s



  • Top of the charger is coated with silver to prevent from rust.
  • Universal (standard 8g screw-in system) fitting – not for Push-Valve (Kisag) system or new 16g system.
  • Filled with pure Linde N2O gas inSkyWhip’s a state of the art factory.
  • Every cream charger is weighed digitally with guarantee.
  • Will turn 0.5 liter of whipping cream into up to 1.5litres of whipped cream! Far greater a volume than mechanical whipping.

Only for over 18’s: This product is not allowed for those who are under 18. Resellers will also verify when their customers buy this product from them will be over 18.


We apologize to sell Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Cream Charger cartridges; if we Suspicion you want to misapply them or you under 18.

  • Cartridge contains 8g (10 Cubic cms) of pure N2O at approx 60bar/900psi.
  • Cartridge Volume/Water capacity: 10ml.
  • Filling Pressure: 8MPa
  • Non-Threaded.
  • Cartridge total weight: 28gm.
  • Size: 66mm x 17.8mm.


  • Cartridge contains 8g of Nitrous Oxide (E942) under high pressure.
  • Only use with approved appliance for this cartridge and follow manufacturers commands.
  • Colour: Silver.
  • Place below 50°C temperature.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Don’t take onboard.
  • Non-aerosol. Non refillable.
  • Never throw away of full cartridges.
  • Only use for Food.
  • Recyclable steel.
  • If you are burnt by freezing N2O you must directly pursue medical advice. A N2O burn can cause deep tissue damage which will not appear at the time of the injury.