Cream Whipper




  • It could be you’re looking to find a commercial grade fully stainless steel whipped cream allocator? Have you been dissatisfied with the mediocre aluminum and plastic adapters? If this is the case We have the solution.
  • If you’re searching for an TOUGH reliable, durable, and long-lasting whipping straight, complete with metal embellishments that are hardened, look at this.
  • Our box contains 3 STAINLESS-STEEL DECORATING TIPS (star straight, straight and the tulip) 2 x STAINLESS STEEL CLEANING BRUSHES and the STAINLESS STEEL CARTRIDGE HOOD.
  • Maybe you’re a PROFESSIONAL CATERER artist BAKER Restauranteur, BARISTA and BAR CHEF? If this is your situation, then this is perfect for you.
  • Our container can also help with frothing, INFUSE and CARBONATE a variety of culinary creations ranging such as SAUCES SOUPS as well as MOUSSES to incredible COCKTAILS as well as SODAS. If you know the right techniques you could use it to make NITRO COLD BREW COFFEE.NITRO COLD Brew Coffee.