SkyWhip 3.3L Cylinder




Skywhip Pro XL 3.3L Cream Charger

This Skywhip Professional XL 3.3L Cream Charger is the ideal tool for caterers of all kinds and high-volume franchises to use for dinner rushes as well as maximum capacity events. The nitrous Oxide tank is capable of holding 2000 grams of nitrogen oxide. The Skywhip ProXL 3.3L Cream Chargers is bound to make rushes and high volume times an easy task!

Skywhip Pro XL 3.3L Cream Chargers Features

It is the purest and purest, the most clean, with no flavor!

  • Tank for nitrogenous oxide
  • Casing made of stainless steel
  • Capacity to store 2000 grams of N2O
  • Pressure regulator – The release of Nitrous Oxide precisely in the quantity you require.
  • Pressure Release Nozzle included in the Whipped Cream Charger in every purchase. The nozzle spins use this nozzle to rid yourself of any gas left over for safe disposal out of the tank. It is easy to get rid of Whipped Cream Charger at an iron dump close to you.
  • Pressure release nozzle comes with Whipped Cream Charger with every purchase .
  • The packaging is discreet and carefully designed.
  • Entirely disposable – no deposit
  • Cream Whipper Instructions – Calculate your pressure level using how much cream you wish to whip.
  • Track & Trace with every purchase
  • French + English customer support

3.3L Whipped Cream Chargers intended for use in kitchens, restaurants and bars only. NOT INTENDED FOR MEDICAL USAGE Not recyclable, Must be 18+ to purchase!